Friday, July 21, 2006

You can see, I'm still working on this. It's coming along but it has problems. Like the shoulder is sticking out at you like a huge lump. Like it doesn't even belong to the horse. The mane is still a sad puppy of a mane. So now I know, instead of a few careful strokes of color here or there, I'm working away on this one like I do all of them. It's never easy.

Each painting seems to have it's own special "formula" and I haven't found it yet for this one. So now I begin the process of trying one thing, having it not work, trying something else, having that not work and then trying something else and finally I'll say to myself, "Gosh, why didn't I know that was what this needed?" and it will look just right to me.

But for now, I have to get ready to go to town. Robert has therapy today. I'll go help my aunt with her computer. She's in her middle eighties and decided to get a computer so she could write a book. She has most of it figured out but there are times when she likes a little help so she doesn't have to spend so much time trying to figure out what she needs to do next.

I hope I'm still learning new things when I'm past 80. I wonder what kind of new device they'll have then or what computers will be like? It's going to be fun to see.