Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Auto ISO do I like it or not?

Grain bins on the Montana prairie. They kind of looked like little hats sitting up there on a hill. That cloudy sky set them off to perfection. I took this photo last night. Most of the time, I use all manual settings on my camera. Sometimes I miss a shot because I don't have time to change settings as the situation or the light changes.  Last night, I decided to use auto ISO and change f stops and shutter speed as needed. I didn't miss any shots, as far as exposure goes, but I did have to lighten most shadows. I will now have to master exposure compensation. In this hobby of photography, I sure have a lot to learn.

I took this photo last night, using auto ISO also. It was fairly close in exposure although I did lighten shadows again. The golden light was beautiful and made these ordinary looking trees shine!

This photo was from last night also. The light was gorgeous, and streaked the land with warm and cool tones.  I did adjust color vibrance and lighten shadows to create what I saw when I took this photo.

I took this photo Christmas Day. I think this moment was our Christmas present! It was wonderful to see these rams connect with such force. I was using all manual settings that day.

This is another photo from Christmas Day.The ram and ewe were in the cool light shadows of the forest floor. 

Not sure if I like this photo. I thought if I placed it here, it might help me decide. It seems very blah to me. It still seems that way even after I see it here. What do you think?

So on the topic of auto ISO I guess I will keep that setting on my camera. It does help a lot to keep from totally missing a shot. At least the ISO was close enough, that it only took a small adjustment in Lightroom to correct the photos.

Do you like using auto ISO? Do you use manual settings on your camera?

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Saturday, January 05, 2019

Photo trip to Freezout Wildlife Game Management area.

Our bison, published in Montana Outdoors, photo issue this year. The magazine is out on the stands now. I feel so honored to be a part of that issue.

I took this photo during a snowstorm, so far the only one we've had this winter! It's the grass and willow branches along the Sun River, at the Largent Bend Fishing Access site.

This looks like a funny bug but it was debris caught in the willow branches after the flood. It has snow on it's back here. I loved the way it looks like there are legs sticking out in all directions.

This is looking toward Ear Mountain from south of Choteau, Montana. A storm was brewing over the mountains. That was a fascinating bank of clouds.

The same cloud bank from a new angle, I was east of Choteau when I took this one.

Love these yucca weeds when they're all dried out. 

We've had 50 degree weather for most of this winter so far. It seems odd to go out without a coat, and be warm in January. The country is very dry, I hope we get more snow before long.


Friday, January 04, 2019

Photos within 15 miles of my home.

Robert and I were here at home, sitting in our chairs, watching the news. I keep an eye on the sky as we do this because as far as I'm concerned the news is nothing but depressing and worrisome. I'd rather find something uplifting and fun. So when the sky began to change and a sunset began to happen, I grabbed the camera and headed for Largent Bend.

Night before last, the sunset was absolutely amazing, but we were in town, and my camera was home. So that didn't work so well. :)

I took these photos looking east, and looking west, the sky was beautiful in both directions.

Largent Bend is a blessing in my life, it's only a few miles from the house, so I have almost instant access to a tiny slice of nature. I don't see many animals there, but I see tracks of raccoon, deer, bear, mice, voles, and others. During nesting season, the Canada geese are there, along with other birds that come in spring. Osprey nest not far far from there, and come fishing in the ponds in summer.

There are hiking trails which I like way better than the treadmill in the back room! It's a simple cottonwood type forest, along the Sun River, not as exciting as hiking in the mountains but it's still a good place to go.

There's an eagle hanging out down there right now, I've got distant shots of it but it takes off before I get within half a mile of it. One of these days it might get used to me being there and I'll be able to show a photo of it.

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Wishing you all the best in 2019.

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Montana mountains

Heart Butte

mountains at sunset
Rocky Mountain Front at Sunset

montana mountain
Horse near Ear Mountain

First People's Buffalo Jump
Square Butte from First People's Buffalo Jump State Park

Near Teton Canyon

Ear Mountain in Autumn

Square Butte near Vaughn
Here are some random photos of places I love in Montana. Different seasons, different places, all much loved.
Donna Ridgway

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Photos within 15 miles of my home.

I needed some generic photos for a project so I left home around noon and went looking. My camera was hungry for new fodder!

There were challenges. The day was dark, heavy clouds hung down, and when I had light, it was prone to disappear quickly between the gaps in cover. If I saw a scene that delighted my eyes, I had to get my settings right in a hurry and take the photo before the picture changed.

My camera is set on manual, so one shot can be totally different than another, requiring settings to change a lot.

When it got so dark I couldn't shoot anymore, I came home. Those deer were my last photos of the day. They were so cute, I was glad I could get them.

Donna Ridgway

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Big horn rams, mountain sheep.

The mountain sheep are pretty fun to watch. A lot of times, they remain where they are when you see them, they don't take off as fast as elk or grizzlies do. Which means you might get to spend a bit of time with them, just watching them graze, and interacting with each other.

Their eyes are so expressive! It's a great feeling to be looking into those eyes. You wonder what they're thinking and if they're enjoying this experience with you.

I hope to see some more of them soon!
Donna Ridgway

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Travel in Montana

These are some of the roads we were on this year taking photos. I'm glad I married an old log truck driver, lol! Nothing scares him when it comes to the roads, we take it easy and go where and when we want to go. Most of the time we have the fifth wheel camper with the horse trailer behind it.

 We like to take the four wheelers and they just fit in the horse trailer.

In the old days, I had a horse trailer full of horses going to the mountains. But back then I had no camera! I wish I had for I'd have some good photos from those times.

Of course I would not trade what we do now for anything. I love having the freedom to do what we like to do. No matter what the weather might be doing!

Donna Ridgway

Time for some Montana scenery.

Robert was busy working in the yard,so I went to take photos by myself. There are times when it's good to go alone for it's so much easier to think of camera settings and what you are trying to do with each photo you take. When we're together, we're so busy visiting sometimes it's hard to think about what I want my camera to capture.

I had planned in the begining to stay kind of close to home and didn't think I'd roam further than Freezout Lake. I didn't find many birds, or animals there so I took the road that goes behind Priest Butte, hoping I'd see a coyote, maybe a bear, hopefully some deer or at the very least a raven or a gopher! Nothing. So I concentrated on scenery.

Got back to Choteau, had hardly any photos so I headed toward Pishkin because the mountains were calling to me. I ended up on the Peebles Cut Across Road and took photos of Ear Mountain as I went along.

The landscape was totally bare of animals. I didn't even see birds. I came back toward Choteau and when I got to Eureka lake, I ate my lunch and hoped some birds would fly into or around the trees. Sometimes I see Pelicans on the water there.  No such luck so I enjoyed my cheese and ham, and came home!

Do you love to roam about the countryside? What do you see when you're "out there"?
Donna Ridgway