Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stock photos for sale.

Some horses, and some flowers...maybe you need some for your projects?

Wouldn't those flowers be beautiful on your address labels, or on your computer as a screen saver?  Most of my flower photos are only $3.50 to download from my Etsy shop.

Maybe you like painting flowers and could use these for reference?  The large files are filled with detail you need to create wonderful works of art.

Stock photos for sale, in my Etsy shop.

Your dentist will tell you, brush and floss your teeth every day!

This poster is for children.  It's designed for you to place by the sink in the bathroom or on a child's door.  Put it somewhere they can see it!  It will make them laugh and feel like brushing and flossing.

This image is a digital download in my Etsy shop.  It can be yours to use, just click the purchase button, and Etsy makes it easy for you to then download this file.  If you know how to resize photos, you can resize this image to fit the space you might have.

This mule is so cute, he's got a little dusting of snow on his back and a friendly look in his eye.

Brush and floss your teeth poster for dentist offices, and children.

For $15 you can own this poster for your home.
Thank you for looking!  I hope you enjoy this mule and want him in your home, just click either of the links above to purchase.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stock photos for sale, just purchase and use.

Here are some more of the stock photos you can purchase on my Etsy site.

Through the years, I've taken so many photos that sit on my computer here at home.  I enjoy looking at them, but decided that wasn't enough.  I'd like to share them with others.  The pricing is affordable, and if the use rights are unclear to you, just ask me about them.  

Under copyright law, the moment a person takes a photo, that image belongs completely to them.  They have the right to determine where it goes and what happens to it.  If any income is to be made from the photo, or how it will be used.

It then becomes illegal for anyone to use the photos in a way not intended by the author/artist/photographer.  

That's why I've explained the rights to these photos in my Etsy shop, wanting to be exactly clear with what you are purchasing there.  Don't be afraid to purchase and use the photos according to these rights.

If you like to scrapbook, if you like to blog, if you want to print one out to hang on the walls of your home, go for it!  Just click the purchase button.  Etsy has created a wonderful system for instant downloads.

Stock Montana nature photos for sale in my Etsy shop.  Enjoy!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Stock photos for your use!

Are you a blogger who needs a good photo now and then to emphasize what you're trying to say?  Are you an artist looking for a good, high resolution photo for reference?  Are you an ad agency or a design firm, who needs photo art?

If you are, check out my Etsy shop, where I'm now offering stock photos for sale.

You can see a few samples above.  There are more on the etsy site, and they're very easy to use.  Just purchase and download.  People who have used the system etsy has for downloads, tell me it works very well.