Thursday, October 29, 2015

Old Hopeful, portrait of a dog, begging for treats.

Here's to high hopes! Look at this guy. His cheek is full of treats he's gathered, and he's hoping to get at least one more!  
I don't always use my own reference photos, this was painted using a photo that Karen Broemmelsick took with her camera. Using her photo, I kind of exaggerated the size of the ears, and the size of the muzzle to create this dog.
Her photo was wonderful, the expression in the dog's eyes was worth a million bucks! Thank you Karen for making your photo available in the photos for artists group on Facebook.
Donna Ridgway

Bison, original watercolor painting, wildlife art.

In "real life" this bison was out on the prairie, with the Rocky Mountains behind him.  He was following a cow, and feeling his "Cheerioats"!  I loved the way his fur on his face went this way and that was certainly fun to paint. Their fur (wool?  fiber? fleece?) is so soft, it's like touching a cloud. It's kind of unexpected to know such large, tough, animals can be so soft.
I hope your day is interesting and full of new things!
Donna Ridgway

Original painting of a mule deer, watercolor, wildlife art.

Robert and I were driving near the Dearborn River when I took photos of some mule deer. That was a few years ago, and I just painted this deer from those photos, this month.  Sometimes it takes me a while to get to all my plans. I did like how this deer turned out, it made me happy!
Donna Ridgway