Monday, July 18, 2011

Isn't this rabbit cute?  He came out from under the post pile at the ranch to chew on some grass and I took his photograph.  He posed so well!

 One of the foals at the ranch had such a beautiful mane.  There's nothing so soft as baby fuzz on a foal.  And do you see the perfect cheerio circle there at the top of his forelock, next to his left ear?
These two are some of the older horses on my cousins' ranch.  Bunch and Murphy.  They spend many hours in summer, just scratchin' and being scratched.

We went to the ranch to clean the calving barns.  We always take our four wheelers and this year, my son met us there, so we had the added bonus of his delightful company.  We went fishing, took a tour of Swift Dam, had some great meals with friends and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!

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I hope you're staying cool this summer...