Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Montana mountains

Heart Butte

mountains at sunset
Rocky Mountain Front at Sunset

montana mountain
Horse near Ear Mountain

First People's Buffalo Jump
Square Butte from First People's Buffalo Jump State Park

Near Teton Canyon

Ear Mountain in Autumn

Square Butte near Vaughn
Here are some random photos of places I love in Montana. Different seasons, different places, all much loved.
Donna Ridgway

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Photos within 15 miles of my home.

I needed some generic photos for a project so I left home around noon and went looking. My camera was hungry for new fodder!

There were challenges. The day was dark, heavy clouds hung down, and when I had light, it was prone to disappear quickly between the gaps in cover. If I saw a scene that delighted my eyes, I had to get my settings right in a hurry and take the photo before the picture changed.

My camera is set on manual, so one shot can be totally different than another, requiring settings to change a lot.

When it got so dark I couldn't shoot anymore, I came home. Those deer were my last photos of the day. They were so cute, I was glad I could get them.

Donna Ridgway