Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Few Birds

In this photo, I fell in love with the blue coloring and the patterns formed by the tree branches.  It has so much rhythm and movement, it's like watching Dance with the Stars.

I was sitting in my little blind along the Sun River when these ducks came floating by.  I sat and watched them for quite a while.  I took a few photos, and they didn't notice me at first.  Finally, one of the ducks became uneasy.  I don't know why, I think the noise of my camera shutter  got to him.  When he took off, the other duck went into panic mode also.  It's awesome to see them walking on water before they actually take to the air.

This is the goose I call Heman.   He's very masculine.  Totally protective of his mate.  He's putting on a display here, showing the other geese how powerful he is.  I think they were properly impressed!

This is one of the yard birds in the cottonwood tree in front of our house.  They're colorful and cheery.  This time of year, they're hungry and it takes a lot of sunflower seeds to keep them happy.  We decided they're worth it.

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I hope you're having a wonderful day!  Spring is almost here in Montana and we're enjoying a day of sunshine.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Winter has it's tail tucked between it's legs, and spring is holding it's head high!

This is the view along the Missouri River, near a place named Pelican Point.  It's early morning.  The light is soft yet can't be ignored, pure cerulean blue in it's finest!

I sit along the Sun River and wait for waterfowl to come floating by.  The longer I waited for birds, the more I noticed the beauty right in front of me!  The birds near here are hunted in fall, so they're wary of humans.  If I sit along the bank, the birds fly before I can take photos of them.  So off to the second hand store Robert and I  went, and I bought camouflage clothing.  That was good, but not quite good enough.  As I sat in my favorite place, I decided I needed a blind of sorts.  Off into the forest I went, to find two arched branches.  I placed them directly in front of me, stuck twigs into the mud to hold them in place.  When I sit there behind my structure, I weave reeds and grasses into place to form a slightly more solid barrier between myself and the river.  
I sometimes sit for hours, and hold my camera on my knees, ready for a shot of the birds that come floating by, totally unaware of my presence.  One day, a huge flock of pelicans flew directly over my head, without knowing I was there.  The soft whoosh of their wings made me feel as though I'd been sent angel kisses.  

This place is my magic spot, and I'm sharing it with you here.  I think this photo spells out the charm and the wonder of  sitting beside the still waters, waiting for the birds.....

You can see the ice has melted from the river, the snow is gone from the banks, spring is near!

Another sign of spring.  I was so glad to see him covered with his warm blanket as the day was bitterly cold, wet, and subjected to freezing winds.

In our yard, we feed the birds.  In our yard we feed the squirrels, lol.  I laugh at feeding the squirrels because our neighbor stopped near his fence one day and cussed us out for having sunflower seeds in our feeder.  "You know if you feed the birds, you encourage the squirrels to come!" he spoke in a very indignant tone of voice.  "Those things are nothing but pests and I don't like them in the neighborhood!"

In spite of his grumpiness, it's our yard, and we're very entertained by the little creatures that come for the comfort of food.  Some of my photos of the birds and squirrels are a bit ruined by the fencing I put around the feeder.  I have to do something to keep my cats from eating the birds.  :)

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I hope you enjoy seeing a bit of spring here in Montana.