Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jetty Kitty, finished.

I finished Jetty. His people said it looks like it's supposed to. I think I'll mail this to them so they can put it in a gift basket or raffle. Remember, Jetty lost an eye in an accident.

We're at a gun show in Great Falls this weekend. Wish us luck!

Remember, there's more horse art on my website. On the first of October, I'm hosting a special member show for WWAO. You'll have to come by and see the wonderful art work.

Jetty Kitty, Work in Progress, Kitty Keepers cat.

You'll notice Jetty has changed colors. I looked through the photos and descriptions of the kittyies and figured out he's grey instead of creamy brown! That's the difference you can get in photos sometimes.

Jetty has only one eye. I'm going to paint him like he is. He looks like a nice friendly cat as he's standing next to a person in his photo, looking up like he loves her. I'm not finished with his portrait yet! I'll let you know as soon as the final version is here.

I wish I could take them all, but we have two rescued cats and want to be able to take good care of them, so I guess that's the limit. I'll paint pictures of them instead, and hope some nice person near Havre, Mt, can give them homes. Until then, they have a safe and happy life in the shelter.

See the Kitty Keepers website. Check out my ebay auctions where portions of the sales of paintings is going , through Mission Fish, to Kitty Keepers. I had a request to also help the shelter at Cut Bank, Mt. I'll be working with them also.

As always, thank you for stopping by. More horse art on my website.

I'm proud to be hosting a member exhibit for World Wide Women Artist's Online. WWAO. This exhibit will begin October 1. I'll be posting the link to the show when it's live. Come back to see the "Anything Animals!" show! We included all animals, pets, fish,'s going to be a wonderful show! With links to all artists, websites.

Monday, September 24, 2007

A kitty from the shelter. Kitty Keepers

This painting is of one of the residents of Kitty Keepers at Havre, Mt. Here's his information.

Jetty Domestic Medium Hair-gray and white, Tabby - Grey, M, Adult CN 202-1
Jetty knows one of the perils of letting your cat roam. His previous owner allowed him to and now Jetty only has one eye due to cat scratch from a cat fight. He is wonderfully warm and affectionate. Jetty would like to find a home where he could get lots of play time and exercise. Can you love him as much as he would love you? DOB 2002

I'll post more on this painting tomorrow.
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Saturday, September 22, 2007

!Pet Project!

This is Marmalade. Actually, I used my cat Scarlet for an example. She has the funniest, most adorable little face. This ACEO card is another of the Kitty Keepers Kick-Off cards. You can purchase this card for $15 and one hundred percent of that will go to Kitty Keepers. Email me at that you want to participate. Send your check to Kitty Keepers, their address is on their web page, right at the top. Or it's also right here, Kitty Keepers, 600 23rd Avenue West,Havre, MT 59501

Write ridgway donation on the memo, and when I hear from Penny your check has cleared, I'll send your card to you. $15 buys a bag of cat food! You gain an original artwork, which you can keep, or give to a friend or relative for a gift. After all, Christmas is coming!

This !Pet Project" is getting wheels and taking off! One of my friends in WWAO has posted this on her blog, a nice widget to the Kitty Keepers auctions! Thanks Betty! See Betty's paintings.

ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals. They must be 2.5X3.5" in size. They fit into baseball card sleeves and can be stored in albums, used like coffee table books or they can be framed, or displayed on tiny easels. They're extremely fun to collect. I do hundreds of them.

If you wonder about my credibility, email Kitty Keepers and ask them if I really work with them. Or check my ebay feedback to see what 200 and some happy customers have to say about me. Purchase this aceo card with confidence and be the first to donate to !Pet Project! The kitties will thank you with all their purr-fect manners! You'll become one of their Purr-sons! :) Ok, enough with the puns...

If you like horse art, check out my website.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Kitty Keepers

I've been looking around for a long time to find an organization to work with, where animals would be helped by my efforts. I wanted to find a place close enough to Vaughn, that I could go there and see the organization and meet the people who ran it.

I finally found a place called Kitty Keepers, in Havre, Mt. I'm donating 30% of selected paintings to Kitty Keepers, through my ebay sales. I'll also be donating paintings outright to Kitty Keepers for raffles and fund raisers.

The reasons I chose KK were:
They educate about spaying and neutering cats.
They don't believe in declawing and they educate the public about how this affects cats.
They do believe in good, solid, local adoptions.
They provide long term homes for cats who need them.

Horses and cats have always been my favorite animals. I hope I can help to provide funds for the cats at Kitty Keepers. In this blog, I'll mention which paintings will be going to help the cats.

Your purchases of those paintings will be much appreciated. Beyond raffles and gift baskets, if you have any fund raising ideas where an artist can help an animal shelter, could you leave a comment with your idea?

I'll donate 100% of the ACEO card (2.5X3.5") at the top of this post to kick this off. Send $15 to Kitty Keepers with Ridgway donation on your check. Let me know at when you do this. When I hear from KK they have the check, I'll mail your card to you. Their mailing address is at the top of their web page.

I have two ebay auctions going now with donations to be made through Mission Fish to Kitty Keepers. Help us help the cats!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tail, wip of a horse.

I've got a little more done on this. I decided to do a landscape with clouds. Of course, once I try to do the clouds, I might change my mind. Possibly he's eating grass at the side of the trail....I have a lot of thinking to do on this one.

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Wouldn't you know it? I'm starting my next painting! I drew the horse on with pencil. Then painted over it with orange paint. I'm using acyrilics again. For some reason I'm beginning to like them.

My laptop lost it's hard drive this week, I sure miss it. This computer is slow and takes a long time to make a post. The key board is shot too. But it's working so that's a good thing. When I can, I'm going to buy a mac book.

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I think this one is finished. It's 7X9.5. I named it Boston. I liked the transition between organic form and graphic form. It was fun to do.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Black and white dog, 2

I've been building and layering colors. I like to glaze acrylics over each other to build depth and texture on a painting . My scanner doesn't scan these with anything like the bright colors they really have.

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Black and white dog.

I'm working on another Framed painting. This one of a dog. We found this little guy in either Tracy, Mt or Stockton, I'm not sure which. He was sitting along the road giving us the funniest look. I suppose he wondered why we were taking pictures of him!

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Framed 2

A friend of mine, a black and white equine photographer, Juliet Harrison, said I should call these paintings, "Framed". I thought that was a good idea, so framed they are!

This is the second one. I'm getting quite cross eyed painting those designs. It's no where near finished, I'll probably spend several days on this.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Foal painting, work in progress.

Here's the finished project. "Foal in Graphic Land". You can tell, I don't know what else to call it! This is 5X7, Acrylic on gessoed mat board.

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You can get some Christmas gifts out of the way by purchasing them now, let me know if you want a print or original painting.

Foal painting, work in progress.

This painting is taking a twist. I decided to have some pure fun. I'm not caring if lines are straight, if they make sense or not, no perspective, I'm just having fun.

Thanks for stopping by! I'll have an update in a few minutes, as I've actually finished this. I was having so much fun, I couldn't stop to post!
Horse art at my website.....

Another foal painting, wip.

After much ado, I'm painting again. We took two weeks to get ready for a show, it was outdoors, and we got rained out. Then we went through medical crisis and now we're back to normal again!

I started this little guy, thinking he'd fit into a 5x7 frame with a mat, he's all ready outgrown the space I'd given him so he's going to be a little bigger.

This is another two color painting. Using cerulean and orange with white. I guess I'm hooked on this for while!

Saturday, September 08, 2007