Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jetty Kitty, Work in Progress, Kitty Keepers cat.

You'll notice Jetty has changed colors. I looked through the photos and descriptions of the kittyies and figured out he's grey instead of creamy brown! That's the difference you can get in photos sometimes.

Jetty has only one eye. I'm going to paint him like he is. He looks like a nice friendly cat as he's standing next to a person in his photo, looking up like he loves her. I'm not finished with his portrait yet! I'll let you know as soon as the final version is here.

I wish I could take them all, but we have two rescued cats and want to be able to take good care of them, so I guess that's the limit. I'll paint pictures of them instead, and hope some nice person near Havre, Mt, can give them homes. Until then, they have a safe and happy life in the shelter.

See the Kitty Keepers website. Check out my ebay auctions where portions of the sales of paintings is going , through Mission Fish, to Kitty Keepers. I had a request to also help the shelter at Cut Bank, Mt. I'll be working with them also.

As always, thank you for stopping by. More horse art on my website.

I'm proud to be hosting a member exhibit for World Wide Women Artist's Online. WWAO. This exhibit will begin October 1. I'll be posting the link to the show when it's live. Come back to see the "Anything Animals!" show! We included all animals, pets, fish,'s going to be a wonderful show! With links to all artists, websites.