Saturday, September 22, 2007

!Pet Project!

This is Marmalade. Actually, I used my cat Scarlet for an example. She has the funniest, most adorable little face. This ACEO card is another of the Kitty Keepers Kick-Off cards. You can purchase this card for $15 and one hundred percent of that will go to Kitty Keepers. Email me at that you want to participate. Send your check to Kitty Keepers, their address is on their web page, right at the top. Or it's also right here, Kitty Keepers, 600 23rd Avenue West,Havre, MT 59501

Write ridgway donation on the memo, and when I hear from Penny your check has cleared, I'll send your card to you. $15 buys a bag of cat food! You gain an original artwork, which you can keep, or give to a friend or relative for a gift. After all, Christmas is coming!

This !Pet Project" is getting wheels and taking off! One of my friends in WWAO has posted this on her blog, a nice widget to the Kitty Keepers auctions! Thanks Betty! See Betty's paintings.

ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals. They must be 2.5X3.5" in size. They fit into baseball card sleeves and can be stored in albums, used like coffee table books or they can be framed, or displayed on tiny easels. They're extremely fun to collect. I do hundreds of them.

If you wonder about my credibility, email Kitty Keepers and ask them if I really work with them. Or check my ebay feedback to see what 200 and some happy customers have to say about me. Purchase this aceo card with confidence and be the first to donate to !Pet Project! The kitties will thank you with all their purr-fect manners! You'll become one of their Purr-sons! :) Ok, enough with the puns...

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