Monday, February 25, 2013

Dreamtime, a horse collage.

Prairie Madonna


I've been working with prints of my paintings, to create new works which are created with many found objects.

All of them have egg shell on them, in honor of the first art teacher I ever had.  She was my grade school teacher, she taught me in 4th, 5th and 6th grades.  There were three people in my class, I went to a small rural school.  Each teacher taught three grades at once, except for the "big room" teacher, who taught 7th and 8th grades only.

This teacher loved art and she was a good artist.  I was the teachers pet for sure, I couldn't get enough of what she could show me about art.

For one of our projects, she had kids in her classes gather all the egg shells we could.  Our moms saved and dried hundreds and hundreds of egg shells.  When we had enough, our teacher crushed the shells, colored them, and had us glue a twine onto a board in the shape of a bird.  We filled in the outline with different colors, and created the wings, beak, and details of the bird.

So in her memory, you'll see egg shells on my collage work!

These collages are entered into the all member show of the International Equine Artists.  When the show is live, I'll let you know!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Good Medicine, Horse Totem

Have you read about totem animals? If you gaze at this image, and powerful feelings overwhelm you, the horse could be your totem animal. With study and meditation, you might discover this amazing animal wants to teach you many of life's lessons.

This image can be purchased  here as a framed print, giclee print on canvas or as notecards and posters.

Horse art, photos of Stormy

You probably haven't seen enough photos of my horse yet.  :)  So here are a couple more.  The top photo is Stormy in a winter storm, in the bottom photo, she's enjoying warm weather.  Her coloring is so unique, she makes a perfect photo subject.

If you like nature photos, of horses and other animals, see my Fine Art America site, on this link below.  

donna ridgway framed prints

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wild Goose Waltz, Canada Geese

"Wild Goose Waltz"

This Canada goose wants to waltz but he's got no takers!  How sad is that?

I like spending time along the Sun River, watching the wildlife that visit the area.  I was lucky, the day I took this photo, to see the geese performing on the ice.  It was right before sunset, and the glow of the setting sun shone on the ice.  I loved the monotone colors in this image.

You can see a companion piece to this image, on my Fine Art America site, by following the link.

Do you have a "purple passion" for horses?

Silly title, I know.  I had such fun, turning this palomino horse purple while thinking about what a passion some of us have for the presence of a horse in our lives.

I speak as some one who's only spent a few horseless years in her life.  No matter what problems come along with horse ownership, I'd rather have one than not.

Stormy came into our lives last summer.  She was a rescue horse, saved from the Billings Livestock Market.  I found her on Craigs List, and her photo showed her with her head lowered over a child who was painting on her face.  The child was turning Stormy into an Indian pony.

Stormy has become such a part of our lives, we can't imagine what it was like, to live without her.  I'm learning to teach her tricks.  She'll stand still while I walk around her with her bucket of pellets.  She drinks water from my hand, and I'm working on other "tricks" as I dream them up and see what kinds of things she's interested in doing.

We built a barn for her, but she chooses to stand out in the storm, no matter how the blizzard rages around her.  Her name sure fits her personality!

 And in case you're wondering what she looks like....ta da!  Here she is!  She's our "purple passion" :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Grey-blue nature.

Here are three of my photos in a similar range of colors.  I think they'd make a nice display on a wall and lend a sense of peace and the great outdoors to any home.

The top and bottom photos were taken near the truck stop, just outside Belt, Montana.  The river runs along there, and the scenery is beautiful.  I had Robert drop me off so I could walk along the river, looking for photos.

The little bird in the middle photo lives in our yard and eats seeds from the bird feeder.  She's very friendly but doesn't allow us to get  close to her.  So I take photos where I can get them and on this day, she was high in the tree.

You can purchase my photos by emailing me at donnaridgway1 (remove the space) or by shopping in my Etsy shop.  You can also purchase donna ridgway canvas prints on my Fine Art America store.