Friday, February 15, 2013

Grey-blue nature.

Here are three of my photos in a similar range of colors.  I think they'd make a nice display on a wall and lend a sense of peace and the great outdoors to any home.

The top and bottom photos were taken near the truck stop, just outside Belt, Montana.  The river runs along there, and the scenery is beautiful.  I had Robert drop me off so I could walk along the river, looking for photos.

The little bird in the middle photo lives in our yard and eats seeds from the bird feeder.  She's very friendly but doesn't allow us to get  close to her.  So I take photos where I can get them and on this day, she was high in the tree.

You can purchase my photos by emailing me at donnaridgway1 (remove the space) or by shopping in my Etsy shop.  You can also purchase donna ridgway canvas prints on my Fine Art America store.

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