Thursday, July 23, 2015

Having the time of my life, painting horses.

Have you ever had a revelation?
Well I just had one. I felt like I just learned the most amazing things! by watching the Mimi Bondi videos.  It is so wonderful to have artist's who share what they have learned over time, with the rest of us.  You never know when something you see will strike a chord within you.  I feel like I've been turned out of the corral to run around the pasture!
I don't need a reference photo to create an equine painting any longer.  Just sit down and paint what comes straight from my heart.  It feels so good.
I hope you enjoy these paintings too. The originals can be purchased by inquiring at or as prints, laptop skins, phone skins, tote bags, shirts, skirts, leggings, etc on my Red Bubble site.