Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stock photos for sale, just purchase and use.

Here are some more of the stock photos you can purchase on my Etsy site.

Through the years, I've taken so many photos that sit on my computer here at home.  I enjoy looking at them, but decided that wasn't enough.  I'd like to share them with others.  The pricing is affordable, and if the use rights are unclear to you, just ask me about them.  

Under copyright law, the moment a person takes a photo, that image belongs completely to them.  They have the right to determine where it goes and what happens to it.  If any income is to be made from the photo, or how it will be used.

It then becomes illegal for anyone to use the photos in a way not intended by the author/artist/photographer.  

That's why I've explained the rights to these photos in my Etsy shop, wanting to be exactly clear with what you are purchasing there.  Don't be afraid to purchase and use the photos according to these rights.

If you like to scrapbook, if you like to blog, if you want to print one out to hang on the walls of your home, go for it!  Just click the purchase button.  Etsy has created a wonderful system for instant downloads.

Stock Montana nature photos for sale in my Etsy shop.  Enjoy!

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