Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Oil Painting ACEO of two Quarter Horse foals.

"They Say We Look Like Twins!"

Another painting using a limited palette method of three colors and white. Ultramarine blue, yellow ochre, and vermillion red. When I showed these paintings to Robert, he said, "Wow, they look so natural."

I guess that's a good thing unless you want to paint "unnatural". Sometimes I like to paint the world the way I like it to be in my imagination, instead of the way it is. But .... on the other hand, I do like the way these paintings are turning out. I call them my "mute" paintings. They're very quiet compared to my other paintings. They could also be called nature paintings as they mimic the colors and values of nature itself.

I have cousins who are twins, they weren't identical twins, but they did look almost exactly alike. Someone was always telling them, you look like twins! So when I saw these two colts in the pasture, looking so much alike, I had to paint them.