Thursday, July 06, 2006

"WIP" Work in Progress
"The Pugs Mug"
The beginning of this wip will be at the bottom of the blog and the end will be at the top but if you're following along, the posts will come to you in the right order.... that's the way blogs are!

This is my beginning sketch of a little pug. I took his picture when we were coming up the west coast of Florida. 20 some trucks of the outfit we were working for had picked up California ornage juice in St Louis. We then hauled the orange juice down to Miami, Florida. Waited a week, picked up the same orange juice and hauled it back to St Louis but now it could be called Florida Orange juice because it had actually been in Florida! Isn't that something?

Once we picked up straight french fries in Idaho Falls, Idaho and hauled them to Maine. We waited there for 24 hours and hauled a load of crinkly fries back to Idaho. Well, that's the stuff you do when you drive truck! No matter how funny it sounds.

I digress...back to the pug's mug. When I found this little guy, we were leaving Florida as I said before, with our, now Florida, orange juice. His master had parked in a truck stop parking lot and set this little guy out on the back of his flatbed to get some exercise. I had to take his picture of course. He sure was a cute little guy.

I'm using a skinny vine charcoal to draw with and this is suede mat board. If I make a mistake, I just draw another line over, through or around it because I'll be working right over the top of it later when I put the pastel on here.

Hope you like the beginnings of this guy. He's almost homely....