Saturday, July 15, 2006

I've added some nice shadow colors to this. Since most of the painting is orangey brown colors, I have to get some purpley blues in there to set it off. I spent a lot of time working on the actual eye. I've also spent a lot of time studying exactly which way each hair goes. I've laid in the strokes of hair as they grow as I don't want them to look funny.

In this painting, Monster was standing beside a white gate, I think, and it's reflected in her eyes. It's very interesting to me, the top rail of the gate, is forming the brightest highlight in her eye. I haven't made that adjustment yet. I'm working on knocking the lower rails of the fence back so the top rail will be the lightest and brightest point in the entire painting. It will also be right next to the very very darkest part of this painting. That is what helps to create a center of interest. It's an area of high contrast.

There's a design of a weird ropey x going on over the top of her eye that I don't like. I hope when I get the pattern of the hair going over those highlights, it won't be so obvious. If it needs it, I'll go in and break up that shape. That space won't be as important as her actual eye so if I have to fake something off up there to create a better design, I'll do it.