Friday, July 21, 2006

I have been frantically trying to finish this Percheron draft horse painting and get it uploaded before we have to leave for town. I know the entire day is going to be spent fighting with medical people, digging for records, remembering everthing, scheduling more appointments, trying to figure out why we can't get prescriptions as needed, doing the whole work comp thing.

It doesn't pay to get seriosly hurt on the job, that's for sure. It turns your life into a nightmare. Not that it doesn't happen to everyone who has to deal with medical issues.

I could sit here at home forever, painting away and everytime I get interrupted, I go nuts. I've spent my entire life trying to get to the point where I could work at this professionally and spend the time that's needed to be able to make my paintings "turn out" when I do them.

Gave it all up for a stupid husband for 30 years. Find the love of my life and he gets hurt. That's life, nothing is ever perfect. But why am I complaining, life is perfect! It's the only chance I have to go around on this world and I'll make the most of it. If I say it's perfect and believe it, it is. We make our own reality after all. If your attitude is right, your whole life is right.

So now that I have all that straight, here's the almost finished painting. As I was writing, I could see parts of it on the screen and once again, saw some things that need fine tuning.

Now if I don't go, we'll be late.