Monday, July 10, 2006

"One Up, One Down!"
The story behind this painting began long ago. I was taking care of a little old lady in her home. She had a friend named, Lucy. Lucy had a daughter who went into the hospital to have her appendics out. When the doctors administered the anesthetic, Lucy's daughter died instantly. She was allergic to the medicine.

Well, to continue on, when my Robert had his neck fused, I couldn't get the story of Lucy's daughter out of my mind. I sat in the waiting room alone, while Robert was in surgery, and I was wondering if I'd ever see him alive again.

While I waited, I stared into an aquarium and these goldfish kept swiming up and down, up and down. Finally they got my attention and I took out my sketch book and sat drawing them until the doctor came out and told me my Robert was ok and he'd come through the surgery just fine. So these fish were my life line during that awful wait. I think they were sympathizing with me as they stared at me so intently.

Who knows if they know what we're feeling or not? It's very possible they can sense more than we give them credit for. I know I was certainly thankful for their presence that day.