Sunday, July 23, 2006

"I'm Gonna Be Somebody, Some Day!"
A painting of a foal who thinks he's going to amount to something! Nice little Arabian horse ACEO size, oil painting. I used two colors and white to create this. Dioxadine Purple, and Naples yellow. They create a nice soft grey to bounce the brighter and darker colors off of. I know, you aren't supposed to end a sentence with of but I can't think of any other way to say what I want to say.

I was sitting at my painting desk in my studio and the song with the same name as this painting kept running through my mind. It must have been playing on the radio when I woke up. As I picked up my brushes, I started painting this little foal and his mom. It was so much fun when I saw this sassy little look come over his face.

The brush I used for this painting was tiny, like it had two hairs in it. I take my glasses off, I put my glasses back on. I lean way down close to the table and almost get my nose in the paint, then I can see to know what I'm doing. Wish I had eyes like I did when I was younger. I could see up close without my glasses. Now I'm at a point where I almost need another pair of glasses! I have two all ready, one for distance and one for the computer.

Since this painting is oils, and really juicy paint, I think it might take a week or more to dry so it won't be posted on ebay for a while.