Friday, July 07, 2006

"Two Heads are Better Than One"
That's what these draft horses reminded me of. We saw them near Heart Butte, Montana and took photos of them for future paintings. I think they were team mates as they stayed close together the entire time we were watching them.

I painted this on gessoed mat board. It's a strange surface to try to paint on with watercolor but it creates a nice effect if you can put up with it. You have to kind of throw the watercolor paint at the surface, smear it around quickly, then let it sit and do it's thing until it's dry. If you want a soft edged highlight somewhere, like on the horse's shoulder or hip, you can touch your brush to that spot before it dries and soak up some water from that place. It will dry lighter than the surrounding area. If you want a more hard edged highlight, wait until the paint is dry, then scrub the highlight off with the tip or side of your brush.

Typically in watercolor, you paint away, trying to save your whites. In this method, you throw down the darkest paint you think you'll need, then you work back into it to get the highlights back.

I used some ink on this to bring out the closest horse. It's for sale on ebay right now with a buy it now button on it.