Thursday, July 06, 2006

He's not finished yet. You can see there's a ways to go but he's getting closer. I'd sure like to see a real live pug right now so I could tell more about how much lips they really have. It looks on my photo, like they sure have a lot of loose lips. I'll keep working on it some more tonight and maybe finish him tomorrow.

I promised a pet demo on a pet portrait site I'm on and I was hoping this would be the demo. I'd like to be able to post it before another day goes by.

In the meantime, we got the horses moved, had to build some fence first, and got them sprayed with fly and mosquitoe spray. They'd never been sprayed before so of course they thought I was trying to kill them. It took some convincing. Now guess what? It rained really hard so it washed all the spray off.... guess I'll spray them again tomorrow if it quits.