Saturday, December 24, 2005

Since I talked about my photos of mountain sheep in my last post, I decided I should post something of the mountain sheep. This is a painting resulting from the photos.

In the photo, the ewe and her lamb were not on the edge of a cliff. I wanted to exaggerate the sheeps' ability to go anywhere on a rocky surface. I also wanted you to feel a little bit sorry for this lamb, and wonder if he'd be able to follow his mom where ever she went! Of course he can, their mom's don't go places the lambs can't follow. But I still wanted to create that little bit of wondering.

I used a transparent technique for this painting, thinning the oil paint down a lot so the white of the canvas shows through. The jpg here is a little dull compared to the actual painting. When I find the cd I burned of the sheep photos, I'll post the reference photo here with this post.