Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My cousin has a Corgi dog. She's such a funny little dog, named Corki. She loves Service Berries and goes over the mountain hunting for them. I caught the expectant look she gets on her face when she spots berries she thinks she can reach in my photos of her. These photos are about 5 inches wide and 11 inches long. Imagine them framed and hanging on your walls. My photos sell for $25 apeice. Let me know if you'd like them.

While I was looking at photos of Corki, I drew her image. Our cats have stolen my vine charcoal. They love playing with my materials. I can't find the charcoal anywhere. I'll have to buy more. I used a thick pastel to draw this picture of a Corgi looking at berries. I also used a coarse kind of drawing paper. I didn't like using it as well as I do the vine charcoal and the newspaper paper. I think the results show that, my drawings are better with the charcoal. It was still fun to practise on this subject.