Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Here's my pinto in the snow. It's an ACEO art card, 2.5X3.5 inches. I love doing these miniature works of art. I scanned this when the paint was wet, I just did it this morning. You see some glare from the shiny paint. I'll do a little more work on his shoulder, then he'll be finished. You can recognize him from my photos below, I used them for reference to do this painting.

I haven't yet decided if I'll post him on ebay for sale, or if I'll save him for the exchange we're doing in the Equine Art Guild for Christmas. If you love horse art, click on the link for the Equine Art Guild, there are a couple hundred horse artists there! If you paint horses, please consider joining the guild, you'll love it there. It doesn't matter what your level of skill might be, every horse artist is welcome. We have people who paint, sculpt and use unusual mediums to create horse art. One of our members is from Australia and she creates horses from driftwood! They're incredible.

Sheri Gordon runs and maintains the guild. You can see her wonderful work at Black Horse Design. She has a wonderful wisdom that keeps our group together and running smoothly.

If you'd like to learn to paint, the most excellent instruction videos and books you can find come from one of our members... the famous Elin Pendelton.

I can hardly say enough about the guild and the members in it. You can't find a more supportive group. Everyone there is willing to share what they know with beginners, from creating the art, to marketing it, you'll find good solid information every day. This group has helped my art to become better more than any one thing, (except for the practise of actually painting!) Of course nothing can change your art more than actually painting every single day.