Thursday, December 15, 2005

I love trees, I love elk, I love elk in the trees! The first photo on today's note, is a tree by Lincoln, Mt. I took this photo because I loved the way the tree stood tall against the horizon. He's proud and straight, even though he's been ravaged by fire.

The second photo was one of my regular wildlife shots, either they're running away, or I get their rear ends! You can't believe how many photos I have of wildlife rear ends. I was lucky in this one, I got them from the side....

The third photo....let's say you're out in the forest looking for wildlife. Doesn't matter if you're on foot, on a four wheeler, in a truck, this glimpse is what you're likely to get. You have to make your mind look for that tiny glimpse of an animal shape, or you won't see much wildlife!

I really like this photo of the elk on the horizon. I couldn't believe I got it as they were standing above me and I was in their full view. One second later, they were all gone!

The feedback from my elk photos was so nice, I decided to post some more. Thank you, Donna