Saturday, December 24, 2005

I took this photo at Garnet, the old ghost town. You can find Garnet on the road between Ovando, Mt and Missoula, Mt. I really like this old door knob and the colors in the wood beside it. I use a Canon 10d camera. This camera takes great shots when you use the automatic settings. I don't have to be a genius, I let the camera do that. I'm able to concentrate on finding images I can't live without when I use this camera.

When the time comes, I can set this camera on a tripod and do special effects with it also. It has a full range of capabilites. I use it exclusively for shooting photos of my art work. Many times, it gets a better image than my scanner does and when I have a large painting, it saves me hours of pasting images together from multiple scans.

The Canon 10d also comes with a connecting cable to your computer and good software for downloading your photos. It's as fast as using a reader card.

Not all my subjects are as still as this door knob was. I've taken the camera on mountain trails chasing deer, I've climbed the mountainside in the middle of a herd of big horn sheep, I've ridden on the frame of a log truck going down the road snapping photos. I wouldn't be afraid to take this camera on horseback into the mountains. It's that easy to use.

Of course, as soon as I bought this camera, Canon came out with the 20d. I think it's an even better camera....but I doubt I'll ever give up my 10d! I love it that much. Donna