Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hang Murphy on your wall! This is a sketch I did last night using vine charcoal. I went to the art store and stocked up yesterday so I could continue with my sketching. This sketch has been cropped some, there's more white space all around the horses head and some more to the right of my signature.

These sketches are fragile and care needs to be taken of them, the charcoal leaves the paper at the slightest touch. I'm putting this one for sale on ebay today with special instructions as to it's care and longevity.

One neat thing about these sketches, when you look at them, you can see what went on in the artist's mind as they worked. Every adjustment shows. You can see where I changed his ears and neck as I went along.

When I worked for a newspaper selling advertising, our biggest job seemed to be getting people to leave some white space in their ads so the copy would show up. You see, when someone is buying an expensive ad, they'd want to put everything they could in it, their ad would end up looking like the rest of the paper and wouldn't stand out at all. That's the beauty of these sketches, they're simple. The subject stands right out. They're kind of naked, with every mistake and flaw showing, yet the subject is there. The second you look at this, it says Horse! Horse in the summer breeze!

You aren't distracted looking at colors or items in the background, it's just you, the artist, and the horse.