Sunday, December 18, 2005

My endeavor for this morning was this little chipmunk. I wanted it to look like he was in the deep forest, without creating actual leaves and tree trunks. I used a heavily gessoed and textured mat board. I smeared on paint in the colors of the forest. I then took a sock and smushed it into the paint and twisted it around in places. That gave me an effect of lights and darks. The textured places began to show through as tree branches and twigs, one of them even created a whisker on the chipmunk. I sketched the chipmunk onto the board in the paint, using some transparent red iron oxide. I kept working on him until he looked like a chipmunk to me. I think he's kind of a sassy little guy! I'll post him on ebay for sale. You can find him by clicking the ebay link to the side of this page. He's 8X10 and I'll list him for $99.99 in my ebay store. Donna