Monday, January 21, 2008

Pedro, our donkey.

This is our Pedro. We love him. The lady we got him from, told us he was "bashful". She was right. Pedro is very bashful. He's also scared to death of buckets and fast movements of hands.

This morning when I went out to feed the donkeys some pellets, his muzzle was covered with icesicles. They hung from his nose, where they'd frozen from his soft warm breath. It felt funny to feed him pellets with that ice on his nose.

He won't eat pellets any other way, except from our hands, so he eats his pellets one at a time. Very dainty he is. He chews each pellet thoroughly before he wants another. When he's ready for the next one, he turns his head toward you and waits patiently.

Now Daisy, on the hand, is a glutton, you can't feed her fast enough. So we're teaching her, she doesn't get a pellet until Pedro has had one. And then she has to wait until he's done eating before she gets the next one. She knows when we say, "Daisy, mind your manners," she is supposed to back up and wait for Pedro to get done chewing.

It's quite a process but they've got it down pat. Sometimes she gets mad and takes a nip at us, she doesn't see any reason to wait, she'd have the entire bucket empty if she had her way and Pedro would never get a pellet! So we back her up and become very firm about the pellet until Pedro is ready. Boy, does she ever think he's slow!

Anyway, donkeys are smart. Really smart. And she does know the drill.
This little card of Pedro is sold. It went to a lady in Florida who buys some of my ACEO cards. Thank goodness for good customers! I thank you one and all.

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