Thursday, January 10, 2008

Doe in the forest. Acrylic nature painting.

I drew this deer in blue watercolor, on a gessoed mat board. Once I have the shapes and lines o f the deer's form in place, I used acyrlic paint to put color on her.

She's very alert, she's heard a noise in the forest behind her and in one second, she'll be in full flight and we'd never get this glimpse of her beautiful face and wonderful eyes.

She's 4X5" and comes in a gold antique looking frame. She's for sale on ebay today after 5:30 pm MST USA. Starting bid, $15.50, includes frame.

It is very funny to me, to be posting this blog. There are at least 10 people per day on the blog, and several people are subscribed to it. So at a conservative estimate, I'm in contact with 3650 people each year, from the posts on this blog alone.

Yet, I never hear a word from anyone! What do you think when you come here? Do you think I should pack it up? Is my work so bad you don't want to see it any longer? Is there something here you like? Perhaps you could take a moment in time and leave me a comment. Say anything that isn't spam...

Once again, I do thank you for stopping by, I know you're out there! :)