Thursday, January 25, 2007

What happens when you take the middle out of a herd of zebras?

I'm working on taking the middle out of a herd of zebras. Painting them one stripe at a time. Without drawing them on the paper before I paint. Talk about fun! This is a series of aceo cards, there are three shown here. Just to warn you, I'll probably add to this series as I'm excited about these zebras. I think they're very interesting and you don't have to have the entire form of the animals showing, to guess what they are.

You aren't seeing the finished product, I've yet to strengthen the highlights and shadows of the individual animals.

It's very interesting to me, how these animals must be standing in buff colored grasses. You wouldn't expect the warm colors to be found on the underbellies of the critters yet there they are! You see the hot light of a noon day sun on their backs, washing the black stripes into a hazey blue. The light is reflecting upward from the grass, causing the warm colors to show beneath the form of the animals.

Thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoyed what's here of my zebra series.