Saturday, January 13, 2007

Blaze faced Buckskins Eye, Horse ACEO card.

My cousin has a horse named Murphy. I've painted him numerous times and in many ways. This is a painting of Murphy's eye. He's a sorrel horse with a big white blaze but I decided to paint another buckskin so he's changed his colors! It was a challenge to create the rich color of the buckskin, and have that white blaze down in the left hand corner.

To counter what could have been a glaring white space, I layered blue over the blaze area, then layered alizarin crimson over that. I'm painting on gessoed mat board, using watercolor. I was then able to wipe the deep colors off the blaze and blend it into the horses coloring. I think it worked because I was using complementary colors, the yellow of the horse against the purple of the blaze.

Murphy has a slightly almond shaped eye that's Oriental and mysterious. I hope you like the way I portrayed him.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you've had a great day.