Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Eyes of Equus, A poem by Donna Ridgway

Eyes of Equus

'Neath cowl of swirling ethereal skies,
Awaiting the eternal rythm of hooves,
On wings of Pegasus my spirits rise.

Earth quivers as they come,
Leaping, shimmering, sleek!
Velvet nostrils flare,
Catch my scent,
They turn to peek,
I'm captured by the eyes of equus!

Copyright Donna Ridgway 2003

Ever been in a pasture full of horses and have them running straight at you? This poem, to me, describes that feeling. The anticipation of of watching the horses come close, is almost more than you can bear. It's so exciting to see them, wild and free, yet they come thundering in, to place their heads in your hands.

They're the most amazing creatures on this earth!