Friday, January 26, 2007

update on the zebra aceo card series

These zebras are starting to take shape. I still have adjustments to make. Colors to add. I'm missing some shadows where they need to be.

My mind is going crazy thinking about this, a series of the patterns on giraffes and other animals that have these stripes or blotches, alligators, large canvases that span a wall done in's mind boggling!

I went to bed last night at midnight, but I couldn't sleep for thinking about these poor zebra looking so terrible so I was up at 5 am to work on them some more. They're coming along. I can't wait to add more to them.

Robert has started therapy again so we have to go to town three days a week, does that ever take time out of painting. I bring my laptop and work on my web pages while he's in the hospital. Sometimes I sit and draw the fish in the fish tanks or the people who walk by.

After therapy, he has headaches that won't quit so he's pretty quiet. Not very much fun. But we also realize there are so many people who got hurt like he did and are in worse shape so we have to count our blessings. The main thing is, we're together and we have each other.