Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sandy, draft horse, ACEO. Watercolor, work in progress.

I've done several paintings of Candy, a Belgian draft horse that lives near us. Today I decided I needed to do some paintings of Sandy as she's just as beautiful as Candy is! This is watercolor on top of gessoed mat board. The mat board with gesso is a slick, hard surface. I probably have three layers of watercolor on this and it's only at this stage! How ugly!

After I put on about 20 or 30 more layers of color, it will start to look like something. Every time I start one of these, I wonder if I'm crazy or not? It's a lot of planning and thinking and doing and I'll probably sell it for $10.00 on auction at ebay. If it doesn't sell the first time around, I'll put it in my ebay store for $35.

I give my collectors one chance to get a bargain, after that, my work is full price in the store. It might seem idiotic but I know when I was a horse crazy kid, I couldn't afford anything to do with a horse, let alone purchase original art from an artist I liked. That's why I like to offer these, one time, at $10.00 before they go into the store.

Back to painting, we have to go to town today so my time will be limited in my studio.

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