Monday, March 31, 2008

Montana nature photo, storm on the mountain.

In some of my photos below this post, you'll see horses covered in snow. This was the storm that snowed on them. We were high on the mountain watching the beginnings of the storm move in when I took this photo.

I've spent hours alone in the mountains, watching storms come across the earth. I put on some Carhardts and my outback duster and sit under a big tree, watching the first of the snowflakes falling. There is no other quiet in the world like you own when you're in a place like this.

Most people avoid being here at a time like this, so you aren't bothered by chatter. The animals have gone to shelter so you don't see much have the most wonderful alone there is.

As a word of caution, I don't go unprepared into the mountains. Now that I have Robert to share these adventures with, I'm glad he believes the same as I do about carrying food and gear. We take plenty and try to plan for emergencies that could arise.

He spent so much time in the mountains, logging, he knows when to use caution, and when to go on. Yesterday, we were in the Yukon, which doesn't plow through deep snow very well. We had a hard time deciding, when we hit the first big snow drifts, if we should go on or turn around and go home. Sometimes we dare each other to go on, other times, we listen to a strong instinct and turn around. Yesterday was one one of those "instinct" times.

We turned around and left the high country. Before we got down to the first cattle guard, the snow was falling thick and fast...if we'd gone on, we'd have had to use all our food and equipment before we got back down the mountain! We might have been there a long time....

I guess that's part of why we go, when you're in a position of making decisions of grave importance, it adds spice to live that isn't there in day to day living.

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Donna Ridgway

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