Tuesday, March 04, 2008

All Round Athlete, paint rope horse in action.

This is my entry for the American Paint Horse Association World Poster Contest. The entry form stated, they wanted an equine that looked as if he was coming right off the page.

I hope mine looks like that!

I worked from a photo, sent to me by a friend, Equine Sculptor, Yvonne Kitchen. Her work is wonderful, check it out on the link to her name. She had some exciting ranch rodeo photos she graciously shared with me.

We won't hear until March 17, who the winner is.

Even when I don't win, I love the anticipation of entering a contest. You have so many "what ifs" running through your mind, until you hear the final word. And when you don't make the cut, so what? You have this feeling, "I had the guts to enter that-I can't believe it?!!!!"

So if it's a win, you have the elation, and if you don't, you have the're a winner either way.
Donna Ridgway

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