Sunday, March 30, 2008

I want to be there....even if there isn't a horse in the picture.

I am so restless today, I have itchy feet. I need to feel the mountains. I have not been in the trees since last spring, before the forest fires ruined our summer.

This photo sums up how I'm feeling, you can see the mountain beckoning....

I'm even thinking of Turkey Bob, living there near Willow Creek in his little house that's a work of art. He put the house together from "found items". These items are used in the most unusual and creative ways. We stumbled upon Turkey Bob quite by accident the day we were charged by an antelope and that was the very same day we pulled a baby antelope off a barbed wire fence and hopefully saved his life. He was so new, his umbilical cord was attached to his tummy.

It was quite a thrill to be charged by the antelope mom, rescue the baby, meet Turkey Bob and see his house, all in one day. You can see why I like our photo shoot adventures, we never know what Montana treasures we'll discover next.

I took the above photo of the antelope mom, as she was charging us. I would have kept taking pictures if she had bowled me over. We were close to her baby, but we didn't know it at this moment. You can see her intent in her eyes....She was going to do whatever it took to move us!

You can see here how dangerous the bottom wire on a barbed wire fence is to a baby antelope. They try to jump the fence, and can't make it over. This baby had one front leg over the wire, his other front leg was not over the wire. The wire ran beneath his little breast bone, holding him there. He couldn't go backward or forward and he was exhausted from the struggle.

You should have heard him calling his mom when Robert picked him off the wire and turned him loose! It took no time at all for her to come running by, collect him up and take off with him. He had a rough start in life, but I like to think he was ok, after we got him off the fence.

We didn't see the baby at first, they're so tiny, and he was in such an unnatural position on the fence, he didn't look like a baby antelope, just a strange object. When his mom charged us, it was a dead giveaway there was a baby near. I'm writing this post, I've talked myself into it, in spite of the cost of gas, I plugged in the camera batteries and as soon as they're charged, we're off! We're going to leave home today and go take some photos.....

Hope we find something good to take pictures of so I can show you tomorrow! One of the many good things about my Robert, he's always ready for a photo shoot adventure.....
Donna Ridgway