Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Horse Gift Mural

I received my official welcome from the Horse Gift mural project today so I'm considering myself a member of the team. This is a very exciting project to be on, I love these mural mosaics.

A few days ago, I had news my ACEO cards will be featured in the spring ACEO Magazine. I'm also very excited about that as I love those little aceo cards. I've had so much fun creating and selling those cards.

My five chosen paintings are also at the Grand National Celebration of Western Art, and I'm a member of the Grand National Artist's Society.

I'm also trying a new auction site called Funny thing, they even have reps who call you and help you determine the best way to sell on their auction site. If I can create a market there for my work, I'll be pleased as I'm not selling on ebay any more. I've decided to stop posting auctions there.

I've also had to totally revamp my website as Microsoft, in their great wisdom labeled it as a "phishing site". It's pretty difficult to allow your customers to see your work, when they get this huge message and a warped view of things. Nice of Microsoft to determine I'm scamming the public. I do appreciate their "wisdom" in the design of their new Explorer 7 browser.

I do think I have the problem solved, but I had to remove my css style sheet, and I had to take the pay pal buttons off my front page. If any of you go to my horse art website now and can't see it, please let me know, if it works, drop me a line from the email link and tell me that too. :)

A few steps forward, a few steps back, that is the art world...
Donna Ridgway