Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Horses

11 years ago, I was painting what I called "Happy Horses". I'm revisiting these horses in my mind, I keep coming back to them lately, wondering what else I can do with them. I had so much fun working with them.

Part of what was fun, was designing the horses so they "interacted" like a herd of horses in real life. Then I put designs on the horses to lead your eye around through the herd. Similar to how you would feel if you were in the middle of this herd, trying to choose which horse you wanted to ride for the day.

It was always a dream of mine, to have so many horses, I had to choose between them to decide who to ride each day! So when I'm in the midst of creating these horses, I think, "Which one would I choose today?"

Another element of this design is the aspect of color. I think and plan and create a pattern of color that moves your eye around inside the horse herd.

Then there are places where I kind of interlock the pattern of horses to bring one or the other to the fore or background.

Another fun part of these, was choosing where to make a horse going right, and where to place a horse going left. There are two opposing rivers of horses, moving through each other.

My main interest in designing these horses at the time, was that children liked them. My daughter's friends really loved them. So it was fun to see what they would think of each new design. They're so feels fun to look at them.

So I think I'll revisit this theme and see what comes of it....
Donna Ridgway