Friday, March 07, 2008

Cow painting, watercolor, work in progress.

Every time we go to get wood, I have to stop by the heifer pen at the feedlot. And this heifer is the reason why. She comes to greet us every single time. She entertains us by tilting her head, sticking her tongue up her nose, bucking and playing....always something to set her apart from the other cows! I think she wants to come home with us.

I'm not finished with this painting yet, you can see it has a few bugs...but maybe by the end of today, it will look better.

Who knows if there will be any more painting time though, for the gravel trucks will be rolling in here before very long. After that, we have to place railroad ties and create a level pad for the studio to sit upon.

You'll never know how much I'm looking forward to having that studio finished up! No more moving from the house to the studio each spring and fall. I can set up my many projects and work away to my hearts content. No more clearing off the table of framing supplies when company comes... We'll be able to heat the studio, once it's skirted and insulated from underneath. A year round home for my paints and canvases!

You know where I'll be once it's finished up! Unless I'm off in the mountains camping or fishing...

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