Saturday, May 05, 2007

Studio from outside.

This is the studio from the outside. I can't imagine a 14X70 studio and I almost have it full. How did I fit all of this into a 10X12 bedroom? I think I have to many art supplies and I'd better get busy using them up!

My four wheeler is parked out side my door, it's my carrier! I use it to haul furniture around, and to carry all the supplies over here from the other house. It makes lots of trips. It's name is Nemo. That's because when I get into the mountains on my four wheeler, everyone is saying, "Where's Nemo?" I'm a psycho in the woods, I love exploring. Hard to tell where Nemo and I might be.

The studio is parked in the horse pasture and the grass we planted last year has grown. It's finally green somewhere on this place! Pedro loves that green grass. He doesn't care much for his pellets now that he has all that green.