Saturday, May 05, 2007

Scarlet, crying at the studio door.

Here's how Scarlet let's me know she's outside wanting in. She sits on the steps and hollers for me to open the door. She's kind of spoiled. She has food and water and a litter box in here just like she has in the house. I can hear her meowing to get in because the walls in this house are pretty thin. They don't build these things with 2X4's!

Everything here is temporary until we get it set down and skirted so I have pallets for steps. They work perfectly. I drive the four wheeler up to the steps, when it's loaded, and I can drag the items off it's back and right into the doorway.

So that's a typical day in my studio. I paint, I play with my animals, I paint some more. I post some things on my blog, then I paint some more....:)

I have to get a bunch done because Robert is likely coming over at 10:00 to talk about car titles some more....