Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Newfoundland OSWOA Card

When we were at the Sun Canyon Lodge, west of Augusta, this weekend, we saw a Newfoundland dog in the back of a pickup. He was about the happiest looking dog I've ever seen and I worked on this painting of him today.

His tongue looks wild in the scan but it isn't that bright on the painting, I don't know why. Some things just don't scan like you wish they would! :)

This is an OSWOA card, an original small work of art, 6X4 inches in size. I hope I caught something of the happy personality this dog had. What I didn't catch, was the way he slobbered all over himself. I had a Great Pyrenese once, she slobbered like that also. It's just a trait of these dogs. I spared you that in the painting. :)

As always, if you'd like to see more paintings of horses and dogs, or Montana scenery, feel free to explore my website. I'll be posting this dog on ebay when the painting dries. It's an oil painting on canvas so it's going to take a while.