Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How to draw fur, lesson five.

This could be the fur on a long haired cat. Notice how I've added a middle value to the layers of fur. The middle value goes between the dark and the light color of the fur. This long fur has many breaks in it.

As you're drawing long fur on an animal, observe the animal closely and copy the breaks and layers of fur. That's what makes the animal on your painting look like the real animal. They're all different.

Drawing fur is much easier than painting fur. When you draw in black and white, you only need to think value. If you're painting, you must think of the value of the color and keep it in line with the values in these drawings.

I hope you've enjoyed these demonstrations on drawing fur. If they've helped you, let me know. If you want more demonstrations or art lessons, let me know that also.
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