Saturday, May 05, 2007

Am I Blue? Oil painting of a donkey.

There are people who tell me I have a warped sense of humor and maybe they're right.

Yesterday, when I was in the middle of painting Pedro, my beloved Robert came over to the studio to talk. Maybe some artists can talk and paint but I can't, I need to be alone unless I've got my painting all planned out and know where it's going. I was in the middle of something great happening with this one...I just know it....:) when my concentration was totally broken with talk about getting a title for an old abandoned Honda car someone left on our place.

How can you paint seriously while you're discussing something like that!? I found myself putting orange behind Pedro and thinking, now what will happen here? Can I make those orange colors recede and the blue ones come forward? I'm always trying to break the rules, I hate rules. (in art, there's a rule that cool colors recede and warm colors come forward) So in between comments about the Honda title and how we might be able to get one, I was slapping paint around on this canvas.

It turned out, the more I painted, I started thinking of that song, Am I Blue? That might not be the title of the song, but those are some of the words. And I got to wondering, is this donkey blue, as in sad? He doesn't look blue, but he is blue! So to me that was funny. And way more fun than trying to get a title to an old car.....

My mind can put me in more than one place at a time as you may guess.... I'm sure I was carrying on a coherent conversation about the Honda car while all this was going on with the donkey painting..... Don't ask Robert, he'll just tell you some wild story about the dumb things I say sometimes.