Saturday, May 05, 2007

More studio

This is looking into the kitchen area. There's a bar in the middle where that fan is. During the day, it gets hot enough now to use it. I've closed off the back of the trailer so where the hallway goes, there's a big piece of cardboard right now.

The small bedroom is where I'm keeping frames. We have a big shelf structure in it for storing frames we keep in stock. The back bathroom will be for storage also. We're taking out the toilet and shower and we'll put shelves in their space.

The back bedroom which is the second largest bedroom in here, will be for framing and holds all the framing supplies and the totes for carrying the paintings and poems to shows. It also holds the packing materials so it's easy to frame a painting and pack it right into a tote for a show.

We're trying to think of everything to make this handy as we go along.