Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Donkey, quick sketches

Being's Pedro is kind of lazy little guy, I thought he'd be the perfect subject to sketch. I thought I'd go out, sit in the pasture, and draw donkey's to my heart's content. No such thing. I found out you 'd have to be a quick sketch artist to draw Pedro! He moves every two seconds! Changes position of his ears, constantly, moves his head, moves his feet, switches his tail, goes to another patch of grass....

I'm going to have to get better at gesture drawing a donkey. My cats are better subjects than Pedro as they sit still for a couple minutes at a time.

Oh well, I did get some donkey-like poses onto my paper and some of them, I kind of liked as they resembled Pedro. If I wanted to do an improved sketch of him, I could take anyone of these and complete them by watching him some more out in the pasture. Or I could just take my camera out there and get a still picture in a pose I like, and draw that!

I was using a large sketch pad paper, and vine charcoal. The breeze was blowing, so I laid the paper down on the driveway, and weighted it down with rocks to take these pictures of the sketches.

Hope you're enjoying the warm sunshine wherever you live, it's surely nice to have spring arrive here.