Saturday, May 05, 2007

Studio again, Pedro's coming.

We let Pedro out to roam around our whole place at night. He was up in the front yard when I called him so I could take his picture coming out to the studio where his pasture is. He actually came when I called him! He's getting so tame and he's so much my buddy. I need to show Robert some of the horse whispering techniques so Pedro will come to him too.

You can see our 56 or maybe 57 Chevy pickup in this picture. That's Robert's fun. He loves the old cars. He has a 56 Buick he's working on too. Someday, we hope to have them good enough to run around in. Our vehicles are old, but they're paid for and they run most of the time. I'd rather not have payments so I keep my old Dodge Shadow running too. I love that car. It has so many memories in it. It hauled my kids animals to 4-H shows, and it took them to the vet. The off driver's side door is dented in because my daughter's horse Patch kicked it one time. He died of colic, and it broke our hearts so I can't even replace that awful looking door because I think of him and how she loved him everytime I see it.